If you will be on vacation or out of the office, you can record an extended absence greeting on your voicemail. To do so: Enter the voice mail system by dialing 19595 (on-campus) or 215-204-9595(off-campus).Press the pound (#) key to indicate that you have a voice mailbox on the system. When you are prompted, enter your five-digit mailbox extension and personal password. Then, proceed as follows: Select 4 for Personal Options Select 3 for Greetings Select 2 for Extended Absence Greeting Record the greeting and press # when finished. You can also press 1 to replay your greeting or press * to re-record your greeting, if necessary. When you return to the office, follow steps 1 through 3 above. Then, when prompted, press 2 to delete your extended absence greeting.
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Source: Office of Telecommunications
Telephone: 1-215-204-8655Fax: 1-215-204-6856Location: Bell Building
Last updated: 10/17/16
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