It depends. Please see the information below for details:

  • If you use Temple wifi on a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet, then, change the password saved on your smartphone or tablet to your new password
  • If you use a smartphone to access your TUmail, then, when prompted, change the password saved on your smartphone to your new password
  • If you use an email client (such as Outlook) to access your TUmail then, if you configured your mail client to automatically save your password, change the password in the email client to match your new password
  • If you have an email client running on a computer at a different location then make sure to close the email client before you create your new password
  • If you are an employee who used the TU or Temple Active Directory Domain then log off your computer and log back in using the new password. This is particularly relevant if you use a laptop, as laptops keep a cached copy of your password for when you are disconnected from the network. Logging off and back in will synchronize your new password to your laptop.
  • If you saved your password in a web browser (Chrome, Explorer, etc.) to log into a Temple University application with your AccessNet account then enter your new password when prompted by the application


NOTE: For security reasons, saving passwords is in your web browser is not recommended.

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