When hosts schedule classes, meetings, or events on WebEx, they can check an option to receive e-mail with a Web address to the WebEx session. The host can then share the Web address with participants through e-mail, a calendar event, or other communication methods. At the scheduled class or meeting time, participants click on the URL to enter the online class/meeting space.


If you are trying to access or view a WebEx session hosted by your professor, you do not need to log into WebEx. If you are being directed to a page that is prompting you to a log in, you may have been provided an incorrect link. 
Please check if your WebEx session is listed on the following WebEx sites:
Fox School of Business:
Fox WebEx support: (Include your name and name of course)
College of Education:
If you unable to find your session listed at the above pages, please follow up with your instructor in regards to obtaining the correct session link and/or the session ID number.
As a student, you will only need to log into WebEx if you are hosting a session. If you are hosting a session, go directly to  Once logged in, on the left side of the page, select 'Host a meeting'. 


If you are a student hosting a session, and you cannot log into, please call the Help Desk at 215-204-8000 so we can assist with unlocking your WebEx account. 

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Last updated: 10/22/19
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