Box Sync is a productivity tool that affords you quick and easy way to access to the content that you need most. By mirroring data stored on Box to your desktop, Box Sync allows you to navigate and modify content stored on Box through your computer’s native file browsing interface, without using a web browser. Content that syncs down to your computer will be available for offline access, and will automatically relay changes back up to your Box account.


Please note: Edited files will not sync until they are closed. Saving without closing will not cause the files to sync.


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What are the system requirements for Box Sync?

Box Sync can currently be installed on Windows 10, as well as the latest two Mac OS X versions.


How do I download and install Box Sync?

You can download the version of Box Sync for your operating system (Mac or Windows) from the “Mobile and Sync” tab of your Account Settings page.

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