All full-time, main camous registered students are eligible for the SEPTA University Pass. To be considered full time, undergraduates must be registered for at least 12 credit hours and graduate students must be registered for at least 9 credit hours. For specific information, go to


Print and complete the University Pass form found on the Bursar's website. The form becomes available at the beginning of the semester and will be taken down once all of the student passes have been sold.


If you are unsure about which zone you will need, see the Regional Rail & Rail Transit Map on SEPTA's website or contact SEPTA for more information.


Please return the completed form and payment to the Bursar's Office. If you pay in person, you will be able to pick up your pass at that time.  Cash and checks will be accepted only, no credit cards.  The address for the Bursar's office is:

Temple University
Bursar's Office
1803 N. Broad Street
Rm 115, Carnell Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Attn: University Pass


Note: only a limited number of passes are available for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For more information, please email the Bursar's office at

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Source: Bursar
Telephone: 1-215-204-7269Fax: 1-215-204-5418Location: 115 Carnell Hall
Last updated: 09/30/19
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